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  1. In this special feature article for Buildingtalk, Martin Shipp, Technical Development Director for Fire Safety at BRE Globalreviews the fire risks in the UK building and care sector from the rising use of mobility scooters and how we need to act fast to adapt the design and fire safety management of buildings plus urgently update current building and fire regulations.

  2. This is increasing with extraordinary rapidity, bringing independence and a better quality of life to more and more people with mobility and other health issues.


    The associated risks are not always appreciated, however, and Aberdeen City Council is one of the latest Landlords to adopt a policy prohibiting the storage and charging of mobility scooters within communal areas. The policy was drawn up in conjunction with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Councillor Neil Cooney, said: “These are general rules and I think they are sensible given how popular these scooters have become. We will consult on a building to building basis, and the policy will be practical. We have to be clear – permission to store scooters will not be unreasonably withheld and we are not banning scooters; this is about making sure that they are stored safely and are used in a safe environment.”

    The idea solution is the Securit Scooter stores.