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Cumbria Police investigate gas and fuel oil thefts.

(October 21, 2011)

In recent weeks premises in North Cumbria have been targeted for the theft of gas bottles and fuel oil. Although these have mainly been at commercial premises, on a couple of occasion’s fuel oil tanks at remote locations have also been targeted.

Cumbria Police are asking for members of the public to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity, especially involving fuel tanks. Offenders will usually need to use a vehicle to transport stolen gas and fuel, so note down the registration numbers of suspicious vehicles and pass to police immediately.

Four incidents have been reported since the end of November in Brampton, Longtown, Hethersgill and Carlisle.

Crime Prevention Officer, Claire Stevens said: “Following a rise in the theft of gas bottles and fuel oil in north Cumbria, we are asking members of the community, particularly in rural areas, to be extra vigilant and to report suspicious activity or vehicles to police immediately.

“Offenders normally use vehicles to commit these crimes and transport the stolen fuel either in containers or, in some cases, with specially adapted vehicles. It usually takes a considerable period of time to steal fuel, so it is likely that locals will notice suspicious activity.

“Call us on 0845 33 00 247 to report suspicious activity or call 999 if you witness a crime in action. Always take a note of the number plates of suspicious vehicles, as this can be the key to catching offenders.

“We would also urge business owners with commercial or agricultural vehicles, and anyone using fuel storage tanks, to be vigilant and to take appropriate crime reduction measures such as fitting of anti-theft devices, improving locking systems and using motion sensor alarms and other measures.”

If you require further advice or information please contact Cumbria Police on 0845 3300247 and ask for your local Crime Prevention Officer.

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